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Net to heave Goods


Just the Net !!!!!, the "Bags, Sacs, jute, filled," "Bales" and "Barrels small" are to be rented separately !.... Only sufficiant for about 30kg !!


450 x 450


30 €


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  • Rental price for 3 days (Sunday doesn't count), excl. 21% VAT/BTW.
  • Excl. transport. The hirer takes care of it.
  • Additional rental days: 5% of the price/day


crane net charger laden laad en los haven kade port quai harbour guay wharf pier kraan Pas op het net to "heave goods" is een leeg net de"tonnen (Barrel small) de tabak balen (Tabaco", tea in jute L of "S") en de gevulde zakken (Bag, Sac, jute, filled) zijn apart te huren

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